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Social Styles Checklist For Role Shifting With ANALYTICALS

Prepare your “case” in advance.
Approach them in a straightforward, direct way; stick to business.

Support their principles; use a thoughtful approach; build your credibility by listing pros and cons to any suggestions you make.

Make an organised contribution to their efforts; present specifics and do what you say you can do.

Take your time but be persistent.

Draw up a scheduled approach to implementing action with a step by step timetable; assure them there will not be surprises.

If you agree, follow through.

If you disagree, make an organised presentation of your position.

Give them time to verify reliability of your actions; be accurate, realistic.

Provide solid, tangible, practical evidence.

Minimise risk by providing guarantees    over a period of time.

When appropriate give them time to be thorough.




Don't be disorganised or messy.

Don't be giddy, casual, informal, loud.

Don't rush the decision-making process.

Don't be vague about what is expected of either of you; do not fail to follow through.

Don't dilly-dally.

Don't leave things to chance or luck.

Don't provide special personal incentives.

Don't threaten, cajole, wheedle, coax.

Don't use testimonies of others or unreliable sources; do not be haphazard.

Don't use someone's opinion as evidence.

Don't use gimmicks or clever quick manipulations.

Don't push too hard or be unrealistic with deadlines.



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