Licence to Coach™

How Licence to Coach™ Works

Licence to Coach™ is a key component of Prosell’s performance improvement solutions and was developed following almost two years of research with the Dell Computer Corporation. 

As an increasing number of organisations have become dissatisfied with

the use of traditional learning and development tools to drive the performance of the business, Licence to Coach™ is being seen as a practical and effective alternative.

Licence to Coach™ is a strategic approach to performance improvement that reduces the time and cost of traditional training and provides a measurable return on investment.

Licence to Coach™ is a radical departure from traditional learning and development programmes. It is not a training course but rather a complete overhaul of the way managers and team leaders focus on the performance of their teams. Licence to Coach™ uses a combination of short workshops, on-the-job support and practical, workplace based tools to help managers dramatically improve the performance of their teams.

How Licence to Coach™ Works

How Licence to Coach™ Works

At the heart of the Licence to Coach™ solution is an accreditation process that rewards people, through a process of workshops and workplace tasks, for delivering tangible business results, not classroom attendance.

How the Organisation Benefits

As a result of implementing Licence to Coach™ Prosell’s clients have seen performance improvements of between 17 - 60%. Clients as diverse as Comcast, EDS and News Ltd have found that by using the Licence to Coach™ methodology they can make a step change improvement in the performance of their sales and customer service teams.

Licence to Coach™ delivers quantifiable benefits by:

  • Providing managers with practical workplace tools
  • Empowering managers to coach using best practice techniques
  • Helping managers create performance improvement goals for every member of their team
  • Focusing on real workplace improvement in people’s performance and rewarding managers with an accreditation
  • Providing managers with a personal ProCoach™ to assist in implementing the programme
  • Deliver the organisation quick and measurable results
  • Annually auditing and re-licencing the managers’ accreditation

Prosell Clients that have implemented Licence to Coach™ have seen these tangible business benefits:

  • Increased conversion rate 38% - Dell
  • Reduced wrap-up time by 25% & average call time by 23% -
  • Uplifted total sales by 35% - GE Money
  • Overall performance up by 39% - Hertz

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Established in 1985 and with offices in London, Sydney and New York, Prosell is at the forefront of providing blue-chip organisations with proven, thorough and objective led business performance improvement solutions. Our exhaustive knowledge of both business and consumer markets has help define services aimed at creating and delivering sustainable, quantifiable improvement for our Clients. 

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