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Social Styles Buying Style Characteristics

Typical Characteristics:

May be suspicious of you and your products

Does not make changes to new suppliers readily

Usually not too talkative

Is not an “innovator”, will not readily try out new ad innovative technology.



Type of Sales Presentation Required:


Needs lots of “proof” background information and proven results before making a purchase.  Needs to take time, absorb details and digest facts before going to the next step.

Highly suspicious of new and unproven products... use testimonials or plenty of research information to back up your presentation.

Testimonials from others work great... but make sure they're from other Analytical types.

Don't rush.  Don't waste time with small talk.  Get right to the point with plenty of facts and figures.  Be sure all questions are answered.





Typical Characteristics:


Highly interested in new products and innovations.  Usually possesses a fairly high ego factor.  Does not like to waste time.


Type of Sales Presentation Required:


Don't waste the Drivers style's time.  He/she won't want lots of facts and figures.  Just hit the high points.  Get to the “bottom line”.

You and your product must appear credible.

Can be difficult to switch from present, trusted suppliers but, once switched, will remain highly loyal as long as you provide service.

Will not want to see many testimonials, research, data etc.  May delegate this to subordinates.

Will be impressed with your efficient, no-nonsense businesslike manner.

Will be interested in new products.

Be concise and businesslike.  Don't waste time with idle talk.  Get to the point quickly, solve problems fast and make the sale.




Typical Characteristics:


May be a somewhat shy individual, but wants to be your friend.

Not as suspicious as the analytical, but still very slow to make changes.

Usually a hard worker, who puts priorities on things other than appearances.

Needs to trust the sales person.

Not an “Innovator”, but likes proven traditional concepts.

Family orientated


Type of Sales Presentation Required:


Take it slow and easy; if you go too fast, you'll lose the sale.

Provide plenty of proof and statistics

Earn their trust and friendship, learn about family and hobbies.

May require additional visits for reassurances, before the sale is made.

Emphasise your proven products.

Earn their trust.  Use facts and figures.  Take it slow and easy.  Make repeat calls.  Be sure all questions are answered.





Typical Characteristics:


A friendly, people-oriented person who usually would rather talk and socialise than do detail work.  Will be glad to see you arrive: will trade jokes and stories with you readily.

Won't want to discuss business too much; will prefer telling stories and talking about other things.  Likes to try out new and innovative products.


Type of Sales Presentations Required:


Spare the details; the Expressive will not want to hear them.

Often, will buy easily from you with only a minimum presentation, but beware!  The competition can steal them away from you just as easily.  So give plenty of follow-up service.

The Expressive type be will interested in new and innovative products.  They'll try almost anything under the right circumstances.

They'll want to talk a lot, socialise etc.

Eliminate lots of details.  Just hit the high points.  Talk new products.  Socialise.


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