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Customer Service skills and Customer Service standards are increasingly more important to business success:

More aware customers won’t tolerate poor service and can now tell the world about it

Customer Service Survey Form

More choice. Can go elsewhere - online, as well as low-cost options ‘, popping up

Any good organisation understands that quality customer service should achieve
3 things for a business


Customers spend as much as they can (Revenue)


They return (Loyalty)


They recommend us to others (Promote)

Sometimes, however, Customer Service Training fails to achieve its commercial goals, through failing to address the barriers that exist in having a uniform, high-quality customer experience.  These barriers are:

  • Attrition and high staff turnover
  • Motivation
  • Inexperienced Managers and Team Leaders
  • No recognition of effort

How Prosell Delivers Customer Service Programs

Prosell follow an established process that makes sure customer service training works.


Customised in house training that suits your customers, products, and environment


Customer service training that will differentiate you from the competition


Involve Managers and Team Leaders so they understand what people can do and what development is needed


Ensure Managers and Team Leaders can coach their teams


Training materials and workplace support tools that will maintain skills, despite attrition


A measurable impact on revenue, loyalty, and promotion to others

Client Satisfaction

Whether it’s dealing with awkward customers, handling sensitive situations, or just making sure every customer has a memorable experience, we can help.

Some of our Market Experience

Prosell has delivered Customer Service Training that has led to measurable uplift in both performance and customer experience, by ensuring every customer service training program has workplace follow up and coaching.  We have done this in a number of environments;

Market Experience
  • Call centres
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Financial services
  • IT
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Industrial products

From Harrods in The UK to Suncorp in Australia, from Comcast in 16 US States to the 700 people at Dell’s sales centre in Malaysia, we have applied these principles to significantly change results.

Talk to us about developing a program tailored to your needs:

Prosell has resources to deliver training programs across Australia;
covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and internationally.

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Prosell provides training and coaching for call centre, customer service and sales management teams in retail and corporate sales across Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Zealand & Asia Pacific.

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