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What Are The Most Effective Communication Training Courses?

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to communication training courses.

A lot of experts around, a lot of promises being made. When you think about it, generic training courses just don’t make sense. After all, communication style is the most individual thing about each of your team members – not to mention your customers. So – given the choice – wouldn’t you rather communication coaching that is tailored to your people and what they need?

Communication Styles

How much do you know about the communication styles
of your staff?

This is a great question. It often leads to answers such as:

'He's the life of the party.'
'She keeps to herself but is pleasant enough.'
'He is incredibly pedantic – it bugs some of the other staff but he always gets his job done.'

Each person has their own unique communication style. In a broad sense, styles can be divided into four areas:

  • Open
  • Reserved
  • Direct
  • Indirect

Few people are just one of theses styles all the time, but will have traits that are stronger in one area. And for communication coaching courses to be effective it is essential you know the predominant styles of the people you are coaching.

Throwing a group of reserved communicators into an ice-breaker where they have to reveal 3 personal things will result in a room full of anxious people – not conducive to good training!

Prosell uses carefully developed and proven tools so that our communication training courses respond to the personalities, strengths and weaknesses of YOUR team and their individual communication styles.

Poor communication can be the hidden saboteur

In any group situation (family, work, friends) people are often unaware that there is a problem with communication. Assumptions are made such as:

‘He is hopeless at this task, I just won’t ask him any more.’
‘She is always negative when I talk to her, she must not like me.’

In the workplace it is especially common for there to be hidden communication issues between different levels (board, management and staff). Often this is because each group does not fully understand the others’ role.

Effective communication skills training courses will improve performance in your workplace as staff learn how to differentiate between communication styles and actual problems of process or operations.

How does your team communicate with customers?

Perhaps the most important aspect of communication within your business is that which happens between your sales team and customers. Many salespeople fall into the trap of ‘push’ selling (here is how our product is better!) – which is no longer an effective method in itself.

Salespeople today must move from value communication to value creation. The salesperson must add as much value as the product. This calls for creativity and problem-solving. And it means your sales team must be trained to understand their own communication style AND that of your customers.

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