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Be the best in theory and practice

The Prosell Sales Management training program will give managers the ability to:

  • Properly communicate and agree the entire sales role, standards and performance expectations
  • Manage and use performance data to assess and direct performance
  • Identify performance gaps and coach – skilfully, consistently and effectively
  • Assess and improve their own effectiveness

 Just as sales training must be customised to the company, products and market, so management training must be customised so it focuses on managing the standards and approaches that will differentiate you from the competition.

Management Guesswork

Take The Guesswork Out Of Sales Management Training

Just as sales training must be customised to the company, products and market, so management training must be customised so it focuses on managing the standards and approaches that will differentiate you from the competition.  The primary role of a manager is to get the best performance from their people.  Therefore managers must be excellent in sales effectiveness analysis and coaching.  Moreover, these skills need to be applied in a planned and thorough fashion.

How much do your managers know about sales?

In 2007 the Centre for Sales Management released a research paper which concluded that the highest performing managers were the ones who not only had good management skills, but were also expert in what their staff had to do.

Not all training acknowledges this, which can leave your managers expert in theory but frustrated in practice.

Management Skills Analysis

Prosell’s programs ensure managers are able to uniformly and correctly analyse skills.  If we recorded a sales call and played it back to your managers, how happy are you that they would analyse it

1. Correctly?

2. In the same way?

We achieved a significant increase for News Ltd by helping managers accurately analyse competence, which in turn allowed them to coach the relevant skills to improve results.

Read more here about how News Limited achieved 12% overall increase in revenue (against a backdrop of a 13% by competition over the same 12 month period). 

Prosell's program not only takes managers through a customised set of practices that will ensure they know how to get the best out of their people – it contains a strong element of follow up, so we make sure what is conceived in the classroom actually gets done in the workplace.  AND is tracked against performance improvement goals.

Training Event

We are obsessive about performance change (the result) and not training programs (the event).  We know that training alone does not make people good at things and just as sales people need coaching and follow up if they are to apply what they have learnt in the classroom, so do managers.

One of our core programs is Licence to Coach™.  This program trains managers to be good coaches and then accredits them for displaying, in the workplace, the skills and disciplines needed to genuinely change the performance of their teams.

 Learn about Prosell's Licence to Coach™

We are STUNNED by the number of companies who have never communicated the standards they wish to see in the sales role and have no idea how well their staff are doing the job.

  • They have never trained them  - ‘we recruit experience’
  • They have never seen them sell – ‘we trust them to know what they are doing’

In short, never managed or developed them. This is quite often because the manager has never been given the skills of observation, analysis and coaching.  Companies may have got away with this approach previously, but won’t get away with it now.

If you need to make sure your managers are working with your staff to assess and improve them, call us.

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Prosell provides customised training, coaching, and program choices that cater to teams with expertise in sales, retail, corporate, call centres, and customer service. These options are specifically designed to meet the needs of clients and are accessible in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific area.

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