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Social Styles Checklist For Role Shifting With DRIVERS

Be clear, specific, brief and to the point.
Stick to business.

Come prepared with all requirements, objectives and support material in a well organised “package”.

Present the facts logically; plan your presentation efficiently.

Ask specific (preferably “what”?) questions.

Provide alternatives and choices for making their own decisions.

Provide facts and figures about the probability of success or effectiveness of options.

If you disagree take issues with facts not the person.

If you agree, support results not the person.

Motivate and persuade by referring to objectives and results.

Support their conclusions.

After talking business, make a quick leave-taking.






Don't ramble on or waste their time.

Don't try to build a personal relationship.

Don't forget things; do not be disorganised or messy; do not confuse or distract their mind from business.

Don't leave loopholes or vague issues - if you do not want to be put down.

Don't ask rhetorical or irrelevant questions.

Don't come with a ready-made decision and do not make it for them.

Don't speculate widely or offer guarantees and assurances where there is uncertainty about meeting them.

If you disagree do not let it reflect on them personally.

If you agree, do not reinforce with “I will support you”.

Don't try to convince by “personal” means.

Don't direct or order.

Don't hang on for a personal chat after finishing business.


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