Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Do you need training of trainers to give them all the skills to meet your company's needs?

  • Designing training programs
  • Delivering the training and
  • Pre and post-training process to drive changes

With a measurable impact on:

  • Business profits
  • Customer revenue
  • Customer retention
  • Customer lifetime value
Return On Investment

A Tangible ROI

Prosell has delivered tangible and continuous performance improvement through training trainers for companies around the world, including O2.

At O2 our goal was to raise the profile of the training team as a revenue-generating unit. Selected trainers participated in Prosell’s 3 module program, which delivered these results.

↓ 12% - induction period

↑ 6% - call quality

↑ 10% - first time resolution

↑ 13% - call efficiency

Many hours are spent each year providing training programs. But how can you be sure you are delivering what the business needs to deliver even better results?

Delivering the right solution

Many train-the trainer programs focuses on facilitation skills alone.  In this age, the training of trainers must give them the skills to know it is the right program and is having a commercial Impact.

  • Can you identify training needs?
  • What type of training is best?
  • What alternatives are there to training?

These questions are designed to ensure that those participants who attend your programs are participating in suitable training, creating efficiencies in the business training budget.

The Prosell Train the Trainer program

Prosell enables you to develop the expertise you need to support the business.

We start by understanding what it is you need, then we put together a program that delivers the components you need, customised to your requirements.

Consult Design Deliver
  • At each stage, as you engage with your internal audience, you need to show the quality and consistency in approach that you expect of participants
  • Success in each area generates recognition within the business of your training team’s contribution to results
  • Consult, Design and Deliver are either standalone modules or part of a complete program

The core of the Prosell Train the Trainer program includes:

  • Consult - raise your profile as a revenue-generating resource by matching what you deliver to business needs
  • Design - for those trainers developing learning materials, so they deliver the right blend of input and practice
  • Deliver - a consistent standard of excellence across all trainers delivering valued learning experiences

Why choose Prosell for Training the Trainers


The Prosell program equips your training teams with effective consultancy, design and delivery skills and techniques.

This helps to maximise your training budget by ensuring any training delivered meets the right business needs

By helping your teams to perform better, employee motivation grows, impacting again on customer satisfaction levels.

What makes it so effective?

  • Improving performance focus – revenue growth, better service, employee retention
  • Connects the business and training - providing the consulting skills that demonstrate how the training team adds value where needs exist
  • Flexible – the components can be delivered as standalone or an integrated program
  • Customisable – integrate your current practices, rather than a separate ‘initiative’

About Prosell

Founded almost thirty years ago, we are an international skill development and performance consultancy, specializing in sales and customer service environments.

We challenge our clients and their managers and employees to be the best they can be, to do things differently and to change behaviours to improve performance.

We know we have to empower our customers so that any program maintains its impact.  This means with most clients we deliver customized Training for Trainers, which allows them to update our programs to reflect changing business needs.  It also allows them to continue the delivery of sales and service training, as well as training sales management and coaching skills.

We have a network around the world of Prosell offices and over 200 trainers, enabling us to roll out programs locally and quickly to wherever a client needs us, in whichever language they want.

We deliver results not training events – because performance matters.

Our Customers

We’ve transferred the performance of many major companies around the world, including:

An Post - Ireland

BT Global - globally

Comcast - US

Carnival - Australia

Dell - globally 

Lloyds TSB International - UK and EMEA

Mitsubishi - Asia Pacific

News Ltd - Australia

Ricoh - Australia

Suncorp - Australia


Talk to us about developing a program tailored to your needs:

Prosell has resources to deliver training programs across Australia;
covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and internationally.

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Prosell provides customised training, coaching, and program choices that cater to teams with expertise in sales, retail, corporate, call centres, and customer service. These options are specifically designed to meet the needs of clients and are accessible in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Canberra, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific area.

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