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Retail Sales Training

The growth of the internet and ever increasing choice is driving customer expectations ever higher. No doubt you and your sales team have felt this pressure. Increased competition means you have to do something different.

With the right retail sales training, you can take advantage of this competitive environment. With the right skills and attitude your sales team can stand out from the crowd.

Where most retail sales training courses fall down

There are two main ways that retail courses fail to deliver:

  1. They focus too much on sales process and not enough on customer buying process.
  2. They do not take into account the variety and specifics of a business’s sales team and workforce.

While your sales people need to learn and understand your business's sales process, they must also have the skills to vary that process to match your customer's buying process.

Providing sales coaching or sales training to retail staff can be complicated because staff may be temporary, part-time, or holiday workers. A constantly changing workforce makes it difficult to achieve consistency of sales and customer service. Many retail sales courses simply cannot adapt to this level of demand.

That's where Prosell is different

Prosell works with you onsite to develop an individually customised program. These retail sales courses:

  • are designed especially for your business and staff
  • address generic industry and individual problems faced by your organisation

They will help your sales team:

  • achieve sales figures and learn to maximise every opportunity
  • build solutions to customer needs, buying procedures and decision making processes
  • substantially strengthen and improve sales management and relationship building skills
  • make sure customers have a different experience than they will get from their competition
  • consistently deliver high performance customer service standards
  • increase the velocity of sales opportunities and the level of conversion and closure rates
  • increase and sustain your customer base
  • improve ability to cross sell and upsell


You choose the performance results – we provide the training

All Prosell retail sales training courses begin with a conversation. What areas are you unhappy with? What sales results do you want? Where do need performance to improve? Together we establish the results that you want. Training is then tailored specifically to achieve those results.

This unique methodology focuses specifically on the ability of your managers to coach, measure and increase skills in the workplace. You don’t become dependent on us – we help your management develop the skills to train and coach their teams in an ongoing way.

Prosell will work with you no matter how long it takes to get the results that we agree on. And the value doesn’t end there.


We also ensure that all retail sales training courses are implemented in a way which makes ongoing training possible - so new staff can benefit as well.



How the right retail sales training courses will help you attract and retain the best staff

Competitive client means that not only your customers are out looking around - your best staff may be as well.

Employee expectations are on the rise and keeping good staff is difficult. It is no longer enough to 'have a good job'. Staff are increasingly unwilling to look after customers unless they are looked after themselves.

Did you know that 40% of employee effort relates to keeping their job while a massive 60% is discretionary? This means that the majority of your employees effort comes from how they FEEL about their workplace. How valued they feel, their relationship with their co-workers, how much they value their peers, brand and employer.

In other words, most staff members know what to do, they just don’t always do it as well as they could or as often as they should. Not all employees are self-motivating. That is why your managers to be trained to:

  • Observe (what is going on in the team)
  • Give feedback (tailored, constructive, with coaching tools to support them)
  • Offer reward (be able to acknowledge and reward performance)
  • Enhance motivation (build on the above 3 steps in an ongoing way)


It is up to you to keep good staff motivated and the best way to do this is offer them retail training courses that they value, find relevant and meaningful to what they do.

Read here about how Prosell helped Ice Design (a company with a high number of casual and temporary staff) increase store revenue by 14%

Contact us to organise your tailored retail sales training courses and start getting the performance and sales results you want.

Prosell's guarantee: if we don't improve your sales performance, you won't need to pay us.


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