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The Performance Improvement Cycle

Many managers make the mistake of only thinking about performance either at annual appraisal time or when things have gone badly wrong rather than as an on-going process and part of normal everyday business.

 Performance management and improvement should be seen as a cycle with different elements all contributing to the goal of a high performing team.


The Performance Improvement Cycle Chart



Effective managers use four types of performance management ‘interventions’:

 1. Annual Appraisals – to review the past year’s performance, define broad goals for the year ahead and discuss career development.

 2. Quarterly Performance Plans – to create or review the performance development objectives and the plan of how they will be achieved.

 3. Monthly Performance Reviews – to review results against the objectives of the job role, identify difficulties that the individual may be having and to celebrate and recognise significant achievements.

 4. Regular Reinforcement – to identify and deal quickly with observed behaviour both positive and negative.


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