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The Benefits of Coaching

There are eight key benefits to managers of coaching (and, more broadly, to an organisation of adopting a coaching culture) as opposed to instructing, training or ‘telling’.

1.  Improved Performance and Productivity

 Coaching brings out the best in individuals and in teams, improving their performance and consequently the performance of the organisation.

2.  Staff Development

 Coaching aids staff development by supplementing and supporting formal training.

3.  Improves Relationships

 Coaching involves people in their own development and helps them be better at what they do; it makes them feel wanted and cared for.

4.  Gives the Manager Time

As team members increase their job skills so they welcome added responsibility and freedom from close supervision, which leaves the manager with more time for other tasks.

5.  More Creative Ideas

A coaching environment, together with the coaching process, encourages creative suggestions and ideas from all members of a team, which can radically change and improve the way things are done.

6.  Better Use of People, Skills and Resources

 managers very often have no idea of the hidden resources available to them until they start coaching.  Often previously undeclared talents will be uncovered resulting in the increased effectiveness of the team.

7.  Encourages Individual Responsibility

Coaching creates an atmosphere in which people are valued and who, as a consequence, are more willing to ‘help out’ in times of pressure, often without being called upon to do so.

8.  Increases Resilience and Adaptability

Increased competition in the market, technological innovation, instant global communication, economic uncertainty and social instability all mean that constant change is commonplace in today’s organisations.  Employees in a coaching culture are more responsive and adaptable to change.


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