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Struggle with what to do when you
have to leave a message?

When dealing with today's crazy-busy buyers, use these strategies in your voicemail messages to establish your credibility, pique curiosity and get return calls. These tips come from an analysis of salespeople who have had above average success in reaching key contacts.

1 Get down to business right away
Your prospects don't like phony friendliness. Instead, be professional and state, "Eric, Jill Konrath calling. 123-456-7890." Even though you feel compelled to share your position and company name, they're irrelevant in a voicemail.

2 Reference any referrals upfront
The single best way to keep prospects listening is to mention the name of a respected colleague. Make sure you state this person's name immediately after your brief introduction: "Pat Jones suggested I call you."

3 Show you've done your homework
Let them know you prepared for this call by researching their business. Tell them if you've worked with other similar people or companies. You might say, "I was on your website and noticed…" or "In working with other CPA firms, I know they're struggling with..."

4 Mention a recent newsworthy event
Bring up recent events that create a need relevant to your offering. This includes things like 3rd quarter earnings, new management, acquisitions, downsizings, higher interest rates or new strategic initiatives. Let them know this is what triggered the call.

5 State a strong value proposition
Prospects are always interested in the business outcomes you can deliver. Instead of talking about your product or service, use business terminology and metrics: "We help companies shrink time to revenue on new product launches by up to 47%."

6 Share a fresh perspective
Nothing is more tempting than ideas, insights or information that can help eliminate their problems or achieve their objectives: "I have some ideas on speeding up your sales cycle" or "We recently did a study of CFO's primary concerns in today's business environment."

7 Eliminate any self-serving verbiage
Much as you might like to talk about your state-of-the-art systems, unique methodologies and passion for excellence, it turns your prospects off. Get rid of all self-promoting puffery, creative crap and technical tripe.

8 Sound like a trusted peer
Today's buyers want to work with savvy sellers who bring personal value to the relationship. Don't sound like you're hoping to meet with them or grateful for even 10 minutes of their time. Instead, talk like you would if you called a colleague with an idea.

9 Use a script as a foundation
Without an outline, you'll ramble on-and-on, which virtually guarantees you'll be deleted. You have 30 seconds max on a voicemail. Every word counts, so make sure you get it right. If you get deleted, you've blown the opportunity.

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