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The Purpose of Prospecting

One of thekey differences between successful and average salespeople is their attitude and approach to prospecting.  Average salespeople regard prospecting as a necessary evil which consists of ‘hitting the phone’, or ‘trawling the database’.

Very often, these salespeople prospect only when they are forced to do so and, having compiled a list of prospects, will work on these until they have to go prospecting again.  Typically those companies that are not perceived as offering an immediate opportunity are consigned to the dustbin never to be seen again.  The irony is that if only they were more methodical, they would spend less time ‘hitting the phone’ and more time selling!  So how should one approach prospecting?


Prospecting consists of 8 different activities:

  1. Deciding what information you require
  2. Deciding who to prospect
  3. Deciding how to approach them
  4. Approaching them
  5. Collecting information
  6. Prioritising the results
  7. Creating a calling plan
  8. Implementing the plan


If prospecting is approached in this manner it will become a relatively easy task to perform which will deliver results.


The Luxury of Choice

“The whole purpose of prospecting is to find enough

good prospects so that you can throw the bad ones away.”


It is not easy to make the decision to walk away from a potential sale.  It is all too easy to convince yourself that you have a chance of winning when, in fact, you have no chance at all.  The decision to walk away from a sale is always a difficult one.  But to make such a decision is practically impossible if you do not have one of the most important things that a salesperson can create for themselves –  ‘the Luxury of Choice’.

Hungry salespeople cannot qualify; they dare not.  But the salesperson who has more business than they know what to do with has no problem at all.

As already stated, most salespeople stop prospecting too soon.  They prospect until they are busy and then they stop.  However, that is exactly the right time to make a few more cold calls or send one more mailshot because, if they find some more business, then suddenly they are choosing where they work rather than the marketplace telling them.

The salesperson with the luxury of choice is unbeatable.  Their whole mental attitude to the job is completely different and their results show it.


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