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Managing a Training Session - Feedback

Where it is possible, the Trainer should attempt to encourage the delegate to come up with ideas and suggestions for improvement or development which, they can then both evaluate.  However, there may be occasions when the Trainer is the obvious source of feasible options or alternatives. 

He or she should put them forward as suggestions for consideration by the delegate only after the delegate has exhausted his or her approaches first, and not as definitive proposals.  Even if an idea has not come from the delegate he or she can still feel a sense of ownership and commitment towards it provided that the evaluation process is a joint effort.  Above all, the Trainer must avoid creating dependence in the delegate, which can easily come about if the Trainer always takes the lead in suggesting ideas, options or alternatives.

Giving Feedback

In training situations it makes good sense for the Trainer and the delegate to discuss at the outset the purpose and value of feedback.  This may help to prevent defensive and negative reactions on the part of the delegate.  Such reactions include:


  • Laughing off feedback that suggests a need for improvement.


  • Being aggressive towards the Trainer instead of getting him or her to explain the feedback.


  • Making excuses instead of considering and trying to understand why performance failed to reach required standards.


  • Passively accepting feedback without exploring further with the Trainer its nature and the implications.


  • Displaying doubts, even cynicism, about whether improvement can be achieved rather than planning to bring it about in the future.


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