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Managing a Training Session - Behaviours

In addition to the opposites of the positive attitudes and behaviours set out above, the Trainer may also express other views, opinions and beliefs and act in ways that may have a negative impact on the training relationship.  Some of the more damaging of these negative attitudes and behaviours are:


  • Being too supervisory and directive, ie telling rather than listening, and leaving too little room for the delegate to show initiative.


  • Creating dependency by either imposing solutions on the delegate or being too quick to suggest ideas or ways forward.


  • In giving feedback, placing too much emphasis on the delegate's failures and weaknesses.


  • Supporting a ‘divide and rule’ policy amongst delegates.


  • Being too judgmental and not listening to the delegate's views with an open mind and with respect.


  • Trying to be too clever and to win or score a point against the delegate.


  • Attempting to solve the delegate's problems.


  • Becoming involved in, or provoking, an argument with the delegate, thus creating a defensive and restrictive climate.


  • Not remaining objective and becoming too embroiled or personally involved in the situation or problem.


Now we shall look in more detail at the key behaviours of a training module and how much of each behaviour (the behaviour profiles) we should use to increase our chances of achieving a training module's objective(s).


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