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Managing a Training Session - Attitudes

Attitudes and Behaviours that Support the Training Process

Apart from the skills outlined above, there are a number of attitudes and behaviours which need to be shown at various stages if the full aims and objectives of training are to be achieved.  Some of these have already been highlighted; other critical positive attitudes and behaviours are:


  • Showing genuine concern for the delegate in order to establish an effective and helpful relationship.


  • Influencing the delegate towards developing greater autonomy and making his or her own decisions.


  • Positively reinforcing a delegate success so as to encourage him/her to be more pro-active and to take more initiatives.


  • Encouraging the delegate to think through issues and to come up with ideas.


  • Demonstrating clearly that the development of subordinates is viewed as important.


  • Adopting a participative management style that involves the delegate in all key stages.


  • Giving due attention to the delegate's weaknesses and exploring together ways that they can be overcome.


  • Allowing the delegate to explore and expand the boundaries and limits of his or her abilities by presenting new challenges and experiences and by setting objectives which, stretch ability.


  • Emphasising the importance of teamwork and mutual support between Trainer and delegate.


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