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Listening 1 Active Listening

Active listening is based not just on the words themselves, but also on the likely thoughts and feelings of the customer. It typically requires the use of clarification – checking your understanding in some way, or asking for some additional information. It also requires a very high degree of concentration.

In order to ensure we are actively listening there are 7 behaviours that we can use, these are as follows:

1   Questioning for Clarification

2   Reflection of feeling

This is showing sympathy or concern by using phrases like:

•       ‘I can appreciate that’

•       ‘I understand‘

•       ‘That must be a problem’


3   Encouraging the customer

By interjecting (at appropriate times) certain phrases to show you are listening and interested with phrases such as

•       ‘Uh huh’

•       ‘I see’

•       ‘Oh’

•       ‘Yes’



4   Tolerating silences

Bite your tongue. Give the customer time to think.


5   Repeat back information

This must always be done especially quantities, codes, dates numbers etc.


6   Restatement of meaning (testing understanding)

By using expressions like:

‘So what you are saying is’ It sounds as though you have to ...’


7   Summarising

By recapping the main points of the discussion.




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