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Developing your sales teams - five questions you should be asking

Author: Mark BW McDermott Account Director Prosell UK
Original Article published by Prosell UK

In Australia Sales Managers have some quite unique challenges. Most carry targets and have to look after sales people spread over large areas.

This means that they have to be very effective with the time they have. Research tells us that the way in which an organisation manages the coaching of its sales people has a direct impact on results. Why So Many Sales People Fail New, independent research (Source: SEC Solutions Research, Sales Executive Council research).

This article looks at the 5 key elements that are needed to make it work well.

Peter Fullbrook Managing Director Prosell Australia

Do your sales teams have the desire, capability and attitude to achieve the required performance improvements?

When performance matters, coaching delivers. It needs to be ongoing and focus on developing your teams. The skill and motivation levels for direct reports have to be established and then a tailored coaching approach undertaken for each person so they can reach the desired results.

Does your business currently have a culture of coaching internally or will you have to bring in consultants to achieve the agreed goals?
Some businesses have a well-established coaching support programme to develop their employees and might rarely need external support. However, consultants can be invaluable when a company doesn't have the time or resources to build the skills in house. Fast growing organisations or those facing an unexpected competitive threat might need external support for a quick rollout of a performance improvement program.

What does a good coaching program look like?
Be clear about how your sales teams can be developed within their role and ensure that your sales managers receive effective training on how to coach their direct reports.

Can coaching become an integral part of your team's routine?
Research has shown that sales managers should coach their teams for 3-5 hours a month. Sales managers need adequate time to coach each sales person effectively – and not just the under performers*. Coaching can be both ad hoc and structured – managers who are skilled coaches will be able to use opportunities as they arise to develop their staff.

What KPIs will you use to evaluate the success of your program?
Establishing measurable goals at the outset is essential to ensure that everyone in the team is clear about what is expected. Reward and recognise successful achievement of your goals – and most importantly, do not be afraid to confront under performance.


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