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7 steps for getting the right prospect

Your challenge is not just getting prospects into the pipeline, but getting the right prospect… right at the point when he or she is ready to buy.

1. Target. Clearly define and list the target market(s) for your offerings.

2. Adapt. Learn the language and lingo of your target market(s).  Once you understand it and can speak it, you’ll not just be able to communicate with them, but you’ll be better able to relate to their challenges.

3. Plug Yourself In. Locate and subscribe to wire services and news services that serve each market or sub-market that you listed.

4. Research. Immerse yourself in insider news.  Look for names about events that are actually buying signals and need signals.

5. Organize. Using the results of your research, create a list of decision-makers and key influencers.  Be sure your list includes information about the article that seemed to signal a possible need for your offering.

6. Craft. Create a “30 second commercial” for each specific title on your call list.  This “commercial” should mention the article that engendered the call and explain how you helped somebody similar to the prospect with a similar challenge.

7. Call. Contact the executives on your list and ask for some time to “visit and discuss” this.  Qualify it as an issue and bring up other issues that you know probably need handling, based on the information in the article.


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