Objective of the Manager

When Performance Matters

Objective of the Manager


Managers have been described as people who control the activities of others and are responsible for carrying out, through individuals/groups in their charge, the policies and intentions of the higher levels of management: their job is to achieve objectives through the people for whom they are responsible. 

Objective of the Manager

To deploy human and capital resources in order to create and satisfy market/concrete requirements in the most effective way.

If a manager gets things done through people, their success must largely be measured by their ability to get others to work effectively for and with them. 

What abilities does the manager require?

  1. Treat the members of the group as individuals and delegate to them effectively
  2. Enjoy trust and confidence of their staff
  3. Participate while enjoying good working relations
  4. Take risks where necessary yet must be patient
  5. Must ensure that the group is well organised and trained to do the job
  6. Set up excellent communications with the staff, colleagues and boss
  7. Must accept the responsibilities of leading
  8. Ensure corporate objectives are being met or worked towards


Later on we will be discussing the management skills which will afford them the ability to carry out their role. At this stage, however, there is some knowledge that the manager must have prior to any management skill development which will help them to be effective.  Some of this knowledge we probably take for granted although for their success as managers an understanding of this knowledge is vital.  The manager must have a thorough knowledge of the work which is processed by the team, but equally important, they must have a thorough knowledge of their responsibilities.  Their department is not an isolated unit, it forms part of a larger team and the manager needs to have a good knowledge of their company, its aims and its standards.


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