Hospitality sales training courses are most effective when customised

When Performance Matters

How Can Hospitality Sales Training Courses Match The Complexity Of Your Organisation Needs?

The only way for hospitality sales training courses to be truly effective is if they are tailor made for your organisation. The complexity of hospitality sales and delivery structure means that a one-size-fits-all process simply does not work. Factors that contribute to the complexity of these organisations include:

  • Size of company
  • Size of property
  • Number of properties
  • Property segment (e.g. hotel, resort, convention centre, casino)
  • An increase in the complexity of the hospitality industry
  • Increased complexity in sales department
  • Responsibilities spread across many areas

How strong are your customer service fundamentals?

Research tells us that customer satisfaction does not drive customer loyalty or spend. We need to ‘delight’ the customer (do it noticeably better than the competition) in order for customer loyalty to increase and customers to recommend our services to others.

To achieve this level of customer loyalty – and the crucial revenue it creates – you must deliver customer service that genuinely differentiates.

What differentiates your customer service? Do you know what level of service your customers expect and desire? How do you ensure your staff not only know what these expectations are, but how to fulfil them?

We help you understand:

  • how customers define what level of service they expect
  • how to ensure staff can deliver this service
  • how managers can coach staff to maintain high levels and adjust their service levels as required

Give your team the benefit of a personalised sales training and customer service training program

Because of the nature of hospitality (intense public traffic, high turnover of patrons and staff, site specific demands), the most effective hospitality training courses are ones that take place on your premises. This means that all training exercises can be implemented and tested in real time under real conditions.

Prosell has provided their unique customised hospitality training courses to companies such as:

  • Schoal Bay Resort
  • Port Macquarie RSL
  • Forte Hotels

Your reservations and call centre staff play a vital role – do they need extra training?

Staff working in reservations, call centres and help centres are your frontline to the public. The more confident and skilled they are, the more chance you have of shifting customer satisfaction to customer delight, loyalty and referrals.

Prosell works specifically with reservations and call centre staff to identify areas of customer service that needs improvement and implement strategies and actions that will bring about long term change.

Your management team is a vital part of ongoing customer service improvement. Prosell works with managers, team leaders and supervisors to ensure they have the right coaching skills to get the best out of your staff.

Look forward to tangible improvements in performance and sales

Very few training companies offer this kind of specialised sales training. Prosell is committed to it because it brings results. Working with Prosell, your team will:

  • Develop a high sales performance culture
  • Learn how to provide customer focused solutions
  • Understand and achieve sales figures
  • Maximise sales opportunities
  • Give customers a unique experience that the competition cannot provide
  • Improve ability to cross sell and upsell
  • Customer service that delights
  • Benefit from managers’ coaching skills and ongoing training initiatives

To talk further about the kind of hospitality sales training courses that will bring out the most in your team, we invite you to get in touch


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