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Company Background

Dell Computers have built a global reputation for product quality, innovative marketing and responsive customer service, but recognised that the potential of their small business sales teams was not being fully realised

The Challenge

Dell Computers and Prosell established that team leaders:

  1. Had not received formal sales training support to assist them in their role
  2. Lacked awareness of commercial practices prevailing outside Dell Computers
  3. Perceived the sales role to be one of managing customer orders rather than proactively pursuing all sales opportunities.

Dell Computers wanted the project to help contact centre sales staff and exceed performance targets & maintain improvements in the longer term. They needed a solution that catered for individual development needs but had minimal impact on the time team leaders spent away from the sales floor. Sales staff needed to regard the focus of their conversations with the customer as a means of encouraging customers to buy, rather than simply the provision of information.

The Solution

Working closely with Dell Computers, Prosell devised a sales coaching program with a set of follow-up reviews. The program was directed at team leaders, and the aim was to introduce behavioural changes that would deliver measurable improvements in sales conversion rate, average order value & productivity.

The program was developed to encourage good practice using direct, on-the-job experience to encourage genuine skill development. Dell Computers was determined to capitalise on their training investment and gave Prosell a clear brief to link the program to overall business objectives - specified as follows:

  • Increased average order values
  • Improved sales staff productivity
  • Increased sales conversion rates

Coaching was provided to help with:

  1. Analysis of performance data
  2. Definition of critical skill deficiencies
  3. Identification of ways to improve the key skills of staff
  4. Development of an effective sales model

The Program was focused on the development of critical skills within the organisation in the short term, and delivery of measurable and sustainable commercial improvements in the longer term. In addition, a call quality monitoring system was installed and all team leaders trained in its use. This system included call quality templates that supported the desired behaviour change.

The Outcome

A large sample of the sales force was observed & recorded prior and post implementation with the following results:

  1. Average conversion rates increased from 18% to 26% during the first six month of the program.
  2. Productivity in terms of average talk time improved from 2.5 hours-per-day to 3.5 hours per day - an improvement of 40%.
  3. Average customer order values improved by 36%

About Prosell

Established in 1985 and with offices in Sydney, New York and London, Prosell is at the forefront of providing Corporate and SME Clients with proven, objective-led business performance improvement solutions. Our exhaustive knowledge of both business and consumer markets has help define services aimed at creating and delivering measurable, sustainable improvement for our Clients.

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