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18 cold calling tips

Here’s an example:

Prosell Sales Training Cold Calling TipRick, this is Josh Snider from Ace Delivery.  May I take 45 seconds to tell you why I am calling and then you can tell me if we should continue speaking? I work with owners of small manufacturing companies that from time to time are frustrated because their customers do not get their shipments on time as promised, even though you completed the job on time. They are concerned about retaining their customers in the face of more competition and they are looking for ways to increase the reliability and consistency of product delivery. Rick, are any of the things I mentioned issues for you or is everything running 100% smoothly?”

In less than 45 seconds you will know if you have someone on the line who you can help or not. If they do not have any problems that you can fix, then it’s over (for now).  Remember, they may not have a problem today, but they may have it in the future.

If you make dialing for dollars, a scheduled event in your calendar and you do it with consistency you will be amazed how much new business you will dig up.

The best thing about “cold calling” is that you do not have to do it forever. Once you have a client base and they are more than satisfied with your products and services, they will, with your nurturing, become promoters of your business and you will have more referrals and less need for “cold calls”.


1. Plan and prepare an opening statement.
2. Get in the right state of mind.
3. Know why this is important.
4. Practice your delivery.
5. Plan relevant questions.
6. Have support tools to hand.
7. Divert calls and minimize disruptions.
8. Set clear objectives.
9. Don’t put your phone down.
10. Master your physiology.


Tip 11
Don’t put the phone down between calls.
Putting the phone down between calls can slow you down and impede your motivation. Keep the energy going by keeping the phone in your hand once you start your cold calling sessions.

Tip 12
Wear a headset if at all possible.
Wireless ones are the best. Holding the phone to your ear can impede your movements and impact your ability to communicate naturally. By using a headset you allow yourself more freedom of movement. The more freedom of movement you have, the more you can express yourself.

Tip 13
Sit up, or better still, stand up, when on the phone.
This is a particularly useful tactic at the start of cold calling sessions or when you are feeling your enthusiasm beginning to cool off. Sitting up or standing up will inject much-needed energy and vitality into your calls.

Tip 14
Keep your head up and breathe naturally.
Maintain the correct physiology by keeping your head up and breathing naturally. This helps to improve your focus, your attention, and your motivation.

Tip 15
Be well prepared.
Being well prepared not only enables you to make more targeted and more professional calls but it also increases confidence because it helps you to know that you are going to make a great call.

Tip 16
Learn from your mistakes.
Everyone makes mistakes. The real question is not whether you make any mistakes but whether you learn from them or not.

Tip 17
Remind yourself of past successes.
Think of a time when you achieved success through cold calling; maybe when you won a piece of new business or secured a sales appointment with an important decision-maker. This will help to get you thinking positively and feeling more confident.

Tip 18
Accept that you can’t win them all.
So stop beating yourself up when you don’t! Even the best cold callers don’t get that appointment or close that deal every time so get over it already!


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