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Characteristics of an Effective Manager

1] Broad Perspective v Narrow Perspective  

An effective manager considers company issues rather than exclusively local issues.

Characteristics of an Effective Manager Leadership


2] Personal Achievement v Personal Development

An effective manager prefers to achieve objectives and the task at hand rather than seeking personal development opportunities.


3] Data Based v Feelings Based

An effective manager works from facts rather than a feelings base.


4] Proactive v Reactive

An effective manager is a self-starter rather than needing constant motivation.  They learn from mistakes and looks for new ways of doing things.  They anticipate problems rather than reacting to them.


5] Manages Through v Manages Direct

An effective manager plans with their people rather than alone.  They coach, advise and direct giving detailed rather than general instructions.  They encourage and get involved with people and customers.  They use authority when the situation requires it.  They delegate well but handle important tasks themselves.


6] Concerned for Staff v Indifferent to Staff

An effective manager tells people what is happening rather than what they think others need to know.  They deal with people face to face.  They are aware of working conditions.  They tell people when they have made mistakes.  They remove poor performers.  They are interested in people’s personal problems.  They counsel their people on their strengths and weaknesses.


7] Handles Pressure v Stress Carrier

An effective manager copes well with uncertainty rather than transmitting it to their people.  They control their time.  They absorb pressure.


8] Simple Controls v Complex Controls

An effective manager uses simple, necessary controls rather than complex ones.  They ensure their controls are understood.


9] Competitive Team Player v Remote Loner

An effective manager likes to compete.  They co-operate with other Departments.  They are a good communicator.


10] Self Analytical v Judged from Outside

An effective manager analyses their own performance rather than waiting for others to judge them.  They continually strive to improve performance.


11] Not Worry v Worry

An effective Manager recognises what is within their control and what is not.  They concentrate on issues within their control.


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