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Conversational selling – how to make a real difference


Getting more from your customers

In these challenging times, companies all over the world are looking for more from their customers. More engagement, more loyalty and more revenue.

With customers exposed to greater and greater choice, price comparison sites, competition from own brands and declining consumer spending power, the outlook can appear very challenging for the industry.

But your people can make an enormous difference to your business; just through some simple changes in the way they interact with customers, they can build better and longer lasting customer relationships, not to mention a natural approach to selling additional products and services, that all add to your profitability.

We call this conversational selling. At Prosell we have already shown organisations in several countries how to get their teams to work this way, with average revenue uplifts of 17%.


Confident and engaged teams sell more


How conversational selling works

Contact Centre StaffBy showing your teams how to engage customers in conversation, they not only make each customer feel more valued, your people feel more confident and motivated to identify additional customer needs that they can fulfil to generate more revenue.

It can be a straightforward service level upsell, an extra related product or something quite separate to what they first wanted


conversational selling programme


Prosell’s conversational selling programme will transform your sales and service culture to engage and empower your face to face and telephone teams, and those of your sales channels. It’s power lies in training your managers to coach teams to drive sustainable change in selling behaviour by creating longer, more profitable customer relationships.

We equip them with the skills they need through a three step programme that is bespoke for your organisation, culture and language. We have over 200 trainers around the world and can rollout large scale programmes in short timeframes, locally and internationally.

conversational selling three step programme



Transforming and delivering results


What results can you expect?

come_in_we_are_openRevenue growth – our clients achieve average increases of 17%; one has even achieved 200%

•   Improved Net Promoter Score and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

•   Differentiation of your business through a customer centric approach

•   Consistency across all sales channels

•   Teams and managers with improved motivation and a cultural shift to a performance oriented environment, ready to take on challenges and opportunities


Clients we’ve transformed

We have been working with sales operations since the early 1990s and have transformed the culture and sales performance of:

•   News Ltd

•   Dick Smith

•   Post Office Counters

•   Carnival Australia (P&O Cruises)

•   Tesco

•   NRMA Travel











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